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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Happy June to you all, 

Literally cannot even imagine how fast this year is going how is it that yesterday was May, the life.But as we enter the hot months we're all going to be chilling on the beaches like those chicks in Miami lol even if it's only Southend. 

Here's a small collab of stuff under £5:


 This is a super cute packaged God send. It's a dry shampoo that smells really nice too and leaves your hair feeling über fresh and smelling goooooood. Plus it won't hurt your summer budget coming in at just  £1.47 .


Next is the Simple kind to skin range. Now I have super sensitive skin so when a friend recommended simple I was kind of eghhh about it. But thank God I did !!! These are the cleansing wipes which you can just pop into your beach bag after being in the salty sea just to wipe off any toxins your skin might of encountered.£1.49

click here for it  

 Usually after the wipes I use the toner and the moisturiser



Next is a fragrance rollerball which is great for traveling or as a top up for when you're on the go. Not gonna lie Justin has top notch perfumes. Even if you don't like him you'll like his perfumes. Before you start thinking " Is it over a fiver " its not but only for a limited time only so you better get up over to Superdrug....


 Yes I did find this tee for under a fiver be proud .... This monochrome with gold detailed zip is from our trusty friend new look. This can go with so much, Shorts, leggings,Chinos..I could go on but you get the picture. Great for those casual days or even those dressing up days it just depends on how you wear it and what you wear it with. 


 You can never complete a summer look without some sunnies dughh. These are on trend rounded animal print sunglasses from boohooo which ARE under a fiver. They're very chic with a sophisticated touch.

That's a top 5 under a fiver for you guys hope you like them. A quick thank you for all of you who nominated me for the a award a while back, a stepping stone for the future, right ?

Love you all xo

Be BEAU . Be You 

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