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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hello everyone , 

Hope you guys have had a fantastic weekend. Quick up date with moi last week I was in cologne, Germany and had      an amazing time there. It's a beautiful part of Germany and would really recommend going there. I'll do a post on things I did and my outfits too since I know a lot of you guys are heading out of your different countries to visit others too.

Moving on to what this post is actually about I made a New Years resolution at the beginning of this year but just like every other year I didn't stick to it... However I've kind of slapped myself to wake up and get healthy and start exercising and all that jazz. 

So that's what I've started doing ! Plus now all my exams are done I can put my head to it because during my exams I wasn't eating anything only drinking that Lucozade that's pink lemonade urgh ... It's sooooo good you just don't know how hard it's been NOT buying it. 

But to replace my never ending craving for it I changed my habits and started drinking Lemon water to begin with. 

I was addicted to it and still am lol... But it's not a bad addiction here are some of the benefits : 

1) cleanses your system from all them toxins you've been eating 

2) Freshens that stankyyy breath 

3) keeps skin blemish free , who doesn't want that 

That's just 3 things that I know work when drinking lemon water plus you feel better if you get what I mean. You feel 'cleaner' in the inside I guess you could say.

Next after I got hooked on lemon water I saw cucumber water on tumblr and I just loved the look of it. So here it is :

It's so refreshing and really good for summer and because I'm on this healthy wave this also has some endless benefit here are another 3 : 

1)  soothes headaches 

2) makes skin healthier 

3) rich in vitamin C & K 

Overall these two drinks are super tasty plus they are giving you a bunch of nutrients too so it's a win win situation really. 

I plan to do some more lifestyle posts to encourage you guys to be healthy with me ! 

Have a great week x

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