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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hellooo everyone ,

Welcome to the best month of the year !!! April where the trees start Blooming ... Bees being to buzz ... My birthday ..

Todays post is what i like to call Pick and Mixx Thursday.So every Thursday my top 5 "Picks" will be posted but they will be a "Mixx" :


And soo much more !!!

Today my Mixx is Music,Shoes & even a sneaky one that is fast becoming an addiction ;

1. Miguel kaelidiscope Dream ... okay i know this has been out for TIMEEEEE but I've been listening to it non stop literally !!! Candles in the Sun , Adorn , How many Drinks Ft Kendrick Lamar just to name a few faves. 2. Nike Air Max's ; okay my feet are really bad and can't stand walking for a long time.These shoes are really good and can be used for walking, daily outings pretty much anything ! 3.Nutella Baby ! LOVE LOVE LOVE ! I don't like chocolate in the masses but nutella = yummy.... It's spreadable mixable and blendable (I've tried...). 4. JuJu shoeeess : I know not a lot of people like this trend but I love it. As a child I never wore them but now I'm crazy in love with them !!!! Hope you liked my Pick & Mixx

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