My H Y P E S

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hello beautiful people ,

I hope all of you are good. Welcome to March #springtime ! I'm really excited about Spring it's my Birthday next month , Greenery is starting to appear, Birds ars tweeting .... Ahhhh bliss!

Finally the rain is slowly reducing and I don't know about you other Brits but I've had it with coming home with yet another broken umbrella, tights sticking to my skin, my hair looking like I've had an electric shock.The list literally goes on...

But cry no more! Spring is here and from what I heard from the weather we might even have a little heatwave.Personally I see it lasting maximum ... 10-15 minutes.

Moving on to what I'm actually talking about today is 'My H Y P E S '.Thought this would be nice since it's the beginning of a new month and the end of February.

Firstly lets start with Nailssss as I'm becoming obsessed.Since I learnt how to do my own acrylic nails ( which I must say is really easy and acrylic sets are super cheap on sites like eBay & Amazon ).

It's a Matte TopCoat which I absolutely love the idea of. So that means you can buy one of these bad boys and BOOOM all your nail polishes are matte at the cost of : £4.59 I know !? Why hasn't anyone told me about this phenomenon. Well I just have plus its cheaper than a Large Meal at MacDonalds sooo I'm just saving you guys a few pounds ( see what I did there, pounds ....). Literally one of my new loves because of the whole idea I can make a nail polish matte. You can find this on the rimmel online store or local Boots&Superdrug stores. Next up is a random one but of late I've been loving Candles especially the Yankee Candles.They are super rich in scent and they look great, you can probably re use the glass container for something else Here's my ultimate favorite : It's the pink dragon fruit ! Which is soooo popular it's sold out online sad times I know BUT if your quick when they hit the online shelves again then you will be glad ! I love the fruity scents for Spring as well as Fresh, Crisp & Simple scents. Nothing too complicated. Yankee do lots of other scents too their current Fragrance of the month is Baby Powder which is the Clean & Fresh suits a lot of people. I personally find these such a great gift they're Long-Lasting, Thoughtful and They're just great ! This one which is a small jar is £8.39. Which I must say isn't cheap for a single candle which is longlasting but ... £8 .... Yes! Its worth it they're super versatile you can re-use the Jar again and again. Next we have Tartan ! Guuuuuurrrlll tartan is the stuff it's such an amazing print that's so different that can be made to make you look Hard or a pretty preppy look. My hype is from River Island a beloved store of mine ahhh . It's a Dark green 'oversized' shirt with great tartan detail which I'm loving. Could be worn in several ways depends on where you're going ? , what are you doing ? Basic type stuff you'd ask yourself before raiding your wardrobe. It's lushhh in detail and great for all seasons even summer ! Pair this some high waisted shorts, white vest and this on top, unbuttoned of course and....BOoOm!!! If you want to check it out online its product number : 649996. Those are mt current hypes sorry for not posting in such a long time but I hope this makes up for that. Instagram @tiffanyshiz Twitter @tiffanyshiz_ Facebook Bombarded Style Love you guys xo

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