It Was All Y E L L O W °

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hellooo ,

Hope you're all well and enjoying the little sun we have if you're from England *sighs* but if you're anywhere else on this earth you're probably experiencing more heat than us Brits. On a serious note My Prayers & Thoughts go out to my Malaysian Readers and any others who have been affected my this tragedy.

Moving on Today or rather last week I had a Massive clear out and now my room literally is the cleanest it's ever been phew ! It took lots of hard work but I'm really proud of how its turned out. Because it was a rash decision that was made moments after I woke up I obviously didn't have time to go out and buy jack.. So I made do with what I had and had my own "Eureka!" moment for storage.

I don't know if any if any of you are like me and like to have things in a NEAT ORDER  so it makes looking for stuff easier, I guess.

So using this :

I made this : My little Selfridges bag that probably would have been submerged into my sea of crap has been made into a small little lipstick storage. It took two minutes using two things : My hand and a pair of scissors, Snip Snip and then ... A new lipstick storage or anything you need to keep on your vanity,desk,wardrobe,Shelf the list goes one. PLUS you can use other bags,mine was small but i do have a bigger bags from Selfridges so I could store other bits in them too. Instead of throwing stuff away like freebies why not think of a way to RE-USE it. Food for thought eh ??? xo

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