Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hello world ,

I'm back but this time with something new ...

Oooo i hear you say !? Today I'm feeling like a review so that's what I'm going to do .

I'm one for silky SMOOTHH skin so i alternate moisturizers all through the seasons . I found a cheap moisturizer perfect for this season.

Garnier Intensive Care claims to keep your skin moist for 7Days . My view on this .... Well its a clever idea if it worked . Personaly it only worked for 2Days but anyway i really like it. If you're like me and love a rich scent then it's definitely for you. Personally I love Coco Butter and the lush aroma it leaves on your skin. It's definitely one for S/S its not harsh on skin suitable for virtually anyone plus I'm pretty sure it will roll in the complements . People always say I have ultrasmooth skin and now the secrets out share it with others . It's available in any supermarket,Boots,Superdrug anywhere basically. My final rating for this : 4.5/5 its close to perfect just not a 7 Day moisturizer like they say. Get your skin silky smooth for Valentine's Day . Spread the love xo

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