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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bonjour my beautiful readers ,

I hope all of you are well currently sitting curled up in my zebra print blanket which I absolutely love and adore in this miserable weather it seems to be my only source of warmth. London Fashion week has flown past and from the things I've seen A/W is going to be a good one. I was lucky enough to also go see the IFS ( International Fashion Showcase ) which blew my mind literally . If your the type of person who likes exhibitions and shows I would really suggest going.Look up the pictures on Instagram with ; #IFSpassport It's amazing full of inspiration a great go to for budding designers or students in Textiles, Fashion Photography,Marketing etc etc . The people are so nice too literally such approachable people,especially the guy at the welcome desk he's super nice and smiley too , warmth spreads throughout!!! So I know your wondering why I'm going off topic it's just that I had to tell you guys to go, you won't regret it I P R O M I S E . C L E O P A T R A I don't know about you but Iused to be obsessed with all things gold and lavish like C L E O . I love this drop earrings they look expensive but they're cheaper than a meal for 2 from M&S. Guessed it ??? They're £10 From MyBagOnline they have some great stuff you guys check them out I've seen a few goods I want as well as these earrings ahaha . Their site, it's an online leather heaven as well as accessories. I hope you like the earrings and like having a nose around the site too. An OOTD will follow really soon as I know some of you guy's have asked for one !

*Disclaimer*: Image Above Is Not Mine Love T xoxox

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