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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello world ,

Now lets just say I've neglected you for ages and ages so shame on me but I'm back as this month comes to an end . Don't know if it's just me but it's gone really quick and if you live here in the UK like me it's been miserable weather wise like is it ever going to S T O P ?!

Anyways moving on from the weather depression us Brits are having I've been busy snooping around the shops for my steal of the week , and boy was I lucky this week .

It's my friends birthday this week Happy Birthday Megan !!! So Iwas looking around town for her prezzie however in the process I kind of treated my self to a few bits.

Now you know me I love a P O P of colour so when I saw this P O P I needed in a necklace I was shouting for joy !!! ( Not literally in the shop guys, I may be crazy but not that Crazy ! )

This necklace is gold chained with hoops of colour if that's how I can describe it as .... It's really light around the neck. Plus it was ....

£3 In P R I M A R K !!!

I know your putting your shoes on now to run to this bargain I know I would if I saw this on another blog !

Hope you like it ...

Grab it before its gone !

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