Matte Nail Polish Hype ?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hello my dolls ,
I hope all of you are well and good, I've just put up my Christmas decorations super late but oh well at least they're up to be honest .
Now I'm currently sitting with a hot cup of tea with my one of my all time favorite movies A Cinderella Story (literally watched it like 40 Times).
I'm guessing you've seen the Hype of Matte nail polishes and I know i never do beauty posts but hey you know i guess I got indulged into it....
My instagram and Tumblr Feeds have been Bombarded with pictures of people with their Matte Nails ready for Christmas - My reaction was like "Mmmmm Girl I gotta get me some of those".
I can completely understand why there's a HYPE for them like once I get me a bottle of Matt Nail Polish I'm going to flood your feeds with my nails.
Some are nicer than others but my favorite color at the moment is Maroon-ish Matte if you get me.
Barry M prove to be paving the way with their cheap Matte Nail Polish, it comes in several shades but my favorite is... MNP2
What's your thought on it ?


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