Winters approaching ...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello my beauties ,

The temperatures here in the UK continue to drop and drop soon enough we'll be in the negative numbers ! But lets not get into weather that's far from what I wanted to tell you guys about . So back to my original point Winters approaching and now we can see the drastic change in what women across the country are wearing out ( unless you live in Central London , well that's another story ...) like layering is becoming more frequent but you still see the odd Brave person with hot pants and no tights ( someone explain to me how people do this ? ). But for you lucky ones in the sunny ends of the earth your probably laughing at us right now , don't blame you really lol .

As outfit change I thought I should come up with an idea of what you can wear during this breezy season ...


That is one killer outfit totally on TREND with some edge which I think we all need in this cold weather , pastels are a great way to add colour to your outfit even if its just a touch . Stand out in this weather x

                                    Be Beau . Be You 

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