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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello all you beautiful people,

Hope your start to autumn is going well where you are , here in Watford it's been pretty crappy if i'm honest, so much rain Day&Night . Grrrrrr .....

Moving on as you saw in my last post this A/W I'm going to be posting on some Faux Leather stuff that I've seen lurking when im out shopping around. This week it's :


So go grab a cuppa and let's get some trousers for you :

              Topshop : Faux leather front joggers 

These beau's are gorgeous they are a balance of Faux Leather and Denim which is a really nice contrast , they're ankle grazers so great for all foot wear . Plus they go from size 6-16 FANTASTIC !!!
I really like them cause they're casual and smart depending on how you dress them too , a statement blazer would make this a killer outfit . 

Love you guyyssss mwah


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