A/W Faux Leather #Shoes

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello online world !¡!
So yes I realise I've been disconnected to you especially you faithful loyal readers but I have personal reasons so anyway I apologize .

On a happy note , fashion week was last month & some of the outfits I saw some people wear were truly ADFGJLKGCDSDGHJLK if u get what I mean .

So one of the trends this A/W '13 is FAUX LEATHER ,which comes with a boom . I recently bought a few faux leather items i just had to even if i didn't need them , so because of this I'm starting A/W Faux Leather #______ this next few months look out 
for them on Bombarded Style .

My guuurrll Nena ( shoutout to her great taste ) bought a pair of BEAUTIFUL bucks boots that look so good I'd probably eat them (joke I'm not THAT mad .... Or am I ) . They're sleek and add serious UMPH to any outfit and would look good with an oversized pink tone coat (visualise ....... see what I mean ? ) . They're from Primark at under £20 CAN U. BELIEVE IT .
Check them out they're everywhere !!!!


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