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Friday, September 06, 2013

Hello again,

Hope all of you are doing well , getting back into your routines and habits I know I am ... Anyway I've headed back to school for yet another year and to be honest I'm quite excited to what this year academically has to offer as well as for us fashionistas.

New York fashion week has started with a bang with all sorts of new season trends beginning . Honestly I can't wait to be able to layer up again with the faux fur & snoods ahhh!
I know that statement really doesn't apply to you as you probably have 365 dayss and 52 weeks of utter sun shine and warmth . No sight of 10°c hitting your way that's for sure ...
So LFW is happening soon woopwoop !!!¡¡¡ Sadly I'm not going *cries* but i'll be hitting the showss next year Feb with my practically older sister Helen (everyone needs one of her in life love her to bits mwah).

The atmosphere in the london fashionsphere is hectic and filled with excitement its kinda infectious ..... BEWARE Londoners to be hit by fashion .
Moving along as I'm slipping of topic I thought since I did a recent post on bags I gotta do some shoes so here are the shoes :

1.  OASAP ( variety of colours )
2. Nike sky Hi wedged trainers
3. Daisy Street Cream Suede Wedges

Below are the images of the above shoes I hope you love them too 


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