Let The Sun Shine Babyy ( Well The Little We Have )

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hellooo beautiful people ,
Hope you're all fine chillaxing on your "sunny" Sunday .... I've got to say mine has had no sun whatsoever boo ! I Guess that's what I get for living in the UK .

So I've had a jam packed weekend with the family and friends absorbing the " Cloud Rays " cause that's how we roll *rolls eyes* ...

Yesterday I went out to a helicopter place and sat in one and had a look at some others , we even got the opportunity to see an old RAF plane ( ooohhh fancy that ).

Then after that we hit the fire station and before you ask I wasn't in a fire just fancied sitting in a fire engine . So we did exactly that lol .
Moving on I opted for a simple outfit and part of it were some Round Sunglasses Ozzy Osborne style whatyousaying .
I really love them just something borrowed ahaha . Great little spectacles for my OOTD :

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