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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hello world ,

I've been up and down doing stuff to keep myself busy over the summer. It so happens that yesterday I hit London Town with some of my girls just for a day out that's sort of become an annual tradition to go every summer so this was our second year running.

Being me I went armed looking for inspiration to get a feel of every element of the surrounding fashionistas ( perhaps I saw you) and shops that we don't have here in Watford *cries*.

Having a really early start made my head go into baby mode but I recovered with the help of our good friend caffeine, I'm all for the coffee !!!

This is us at the Station, we were all smiles by the time we got to the station but to be honest we were all tired as hell...

I opted for a simple laid back yet comfortable look because you know a day in London is tiring especially sightseeing,there's just so much to see !

I wore a orange leopard print bandeau style tee however I can't seem to find it there ( probably because I bought it a while back). Here's a similar one 

This would go really well with the outfit its available at .

                                                         Over-sized crop top 

I got the shorts in Primark they literally are my life this summer they move with you they are so comfy honestly if you happen to see them by 'em !

Similar here ;

These are denim but still come in the same shade of purple as the one's I have so they are still relatively similar. They appear to have a nice fit and the price is great.

                         Deep purple shorts 
                          Was: £49.99
                        Now: £29.98

I also had a white cotton waist coat which is great for this weather, I stole it from aunt (she aint getting it back lol) but unfortunately I can't find it anywhere even a look a-like grrrrr...

The bag is in my past post from the 16th so if you're looking for it , you will find the information there.

To tie the look together I wore light blue Vans which are the most comfortable shoes EVER. If you would like a pair they're available at Office or at Schuh ;

OMG I swear Vans in general are everywhere and I know why first hand , they are super comfortable !!! If your not much of a Vans type of girl maybe opt or Toms or maybe some Nike Blazers which are 'hot' as I've been told by a Sales worker at Schuh they are currently one of their best sellers so be sure to own a pair !

                   womens vans authentic ;£45

The train trip was pretty quick ( or so it seemed ) and soon enough we were in LONDON TOWN !!! 

First stop was Buckingham Palace obvs due to the royal baby ( I know a little late but just had to go ) the atmosphere there is great loads of tourists which I love. I even did a little geosquishing... Get me !

Then we hit St. James park it was super busy honestly it was worse than I've ever seen it to be quite frank, it was really nice a cool to see a variety of nationalities  there too I loved this girl who was just coming to visit from the States her hair was just wow shout out to her just saying .

After our little admiration of the queen we hit the V&A museum which is currently having a :


I have to say it is truly a must see !!! I'd give it a 5/5 and would definitely recommend you guys to go its open till next year so there is definitely NO excuses people !   

It captures all the elements of the 80's and how fashion was then it will blow your mind away . If not just look around the fashion section downstairs which is also A-M-A-Z-I-N-G , I got the honor of meeting a designer there who was sketching at the time and honestly is now currently one of my inspirations.

Yes yes yes ... I hit Selfridge's whilst I was in London ( I mean who wouldn't ). I absolutely loved it they had their new Denim Studio on 3 which was great for all #denimlovers. I got myself a pair of jeans in the Primark Sector and met the team they are such nice people super approachable , wish I had a work environment like that honestly ...

Above is me at my beloved store Tiffany&co I just had to have a picture near the sign ( even though your not allowed any photography oops ... ). 

Overall I had a great time so much inspiration going on in London if you get the chance I would honestly suggest that you go to Selfridge's its buzzing with inspiration in every inch you leave in utter awe no word of a lie.

                          LOVE YOU 
                Be BEAU . Be YOU  

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