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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello pretty ladies ;) ,

Hope you're all doing well i'm just chilling at home with my cup of coffee and Beyonce playing in the background basically a relaxing afternoon.Typical. Anyways as you know I love searching and surfing the web for new stuff (mwhahaha) so this post is literally going to be a load of new stuff that perhaps you may like , I can guarantee that you'll find something you like . 


This beauty is from WILDFOX and I love it ! The appearance is super cute and even the leather pants go great with it for an ultra chic look. Its red hot off the page so it's unlikely that someone will have the same thing as you ( hate when that happens ... ). Its pretty edgy but with a girly softness added in from the batwing . 

              Wildfox "take me to the Hamptons" £81.00


OMG I literally thought my eyes were losing it when I saw this dress and especially the price you wouldn't believe it ... It's a tenner!!! Yes you read correctly its a tenner OMD, I'm gobsmacked aren't you !!!

                ASOS Bodycon Midi length £10.00


Look what I found ... its a totally cute cutaway tee with a coral lace ultra chic. If only i'd found this earlier but if you happen to be going away this bank holiday this is perfect with a pair of white high waisted skinny jeans and flats and BOOM !

                        Now £6.00Was £12.99

So that was my list of hot stuff what's yourss ??? 

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