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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey dolls ,

Hope your having fun enjoying the British summer ( well the little that we have ). To be honest i'm freezing cold like no seriously last autumn was warmer than it is now ....

Someone stop me complaining , well something has BAGS ;

You know sometimes you just like t wonder across the internet looking and admiring stuff , well that's what I've been doing ahaha. Recently I've been snooping around the Selfridge's website for anything new in store or online in this case. I found some really good high end bags so here's my favorite oness;



This is a super sophisticated tote bag by Joseph , I love the simplicity of it and the 2 tones too. This bag is exclusive at Selfridge's but it only come's in this shade of grey *cries*.

Price = £445.00 

Okay now looking at the price some of you must be screaming "omg you're out of your mind love" but you can still get a tote that's just as sophisticated on the high street ;

Grey tote  

This is a just as nice tote bag but at a lower price because lets
admit it not all of us can afford £445.00 ahaha. Grey with a metallic edge can spice up your outfit without looking tacky. It's from New look , yes you read correctly and is going at ;

Price = £19.99


This little gemstone is super on trend, the stud effect plus the overall look of it is a work of art . So , as some of you may know Selfridge's is having a Denim Studio and this totally works with that right ? Its by Alexander McQueen and wow is all I have to say about this. 

Price = £545.00

motel chic 

This is a simpler version of the McQueen version , its by Motel and has a sort of stone washed element to it. The lining on the inside is cute and pretty chic. It's just what you need for any laid back look.

price =  £25.00


mwah lipss 

Damn!!! This bag is just amazing the gloss perspex finish to it gives it that extra red lip edge . Lulu definitely knew what she was doing when she designed this bag , utterly gorgeous don't you think ? It's got Tiffany triple F *fresh,funky&fun*  and I'm just gobsmacked to be honest ahaha .

Price = £245.00


BOOM !!! I actually managed to find one on the high street *applause* its leather but its still looks as good as Lulu's version the zip gives you more space and looks totally chic too. It's from Debenhams and the price is ....


Those are my favorite's what's yours ???


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