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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey guys,

Don't know if you've seen the summer sales happening I know I have and definetly been taking total advantage of them .... Honestly I had to be pulled away physicaly by my friends in town embarasssing much!
Anyway you can tell from this post title that I mostly enjoyed going to the Zara sale because asd you know there clothes are insanely good quality so I grasped the opportunity . 
So as I lurked around the rails I came across this beauty tad ahhh ;
Its a really vibrant half batwing tee with a silk front and cotton smooth back plus it has a slit at the back for a little show of the back , gorgeous.
It's supporting the on - going monochrome trend as well as the floral that seems to return every summer , which I love it totally lifts a whole outfit. Here's how i teamed everything up:

These are the accessories I paired with the outfit.
I got the bracelets from red bracelets
my auntie ( love her ) in Turkey so they would'nt be available here and the blue ones as a gift from my exchange in April. But there are the typical bunch of balck bracelets from Primark which only cost 2.50GBP so thats an alternative if you're looking for one!!!


Next we have the bag simple black over the shoulder bag with a hint of feistyness with leopard print of which Im positive the Kardashian sisters would approve of. Sadly this bag is out of stock in george at Asda but its still a beauty, mwah .

The complete shin digg !

So thats the whole ''shin digg'' I hope you liked it. Perhaps you might pop in to Zara and find another hidden beauty ;)


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