Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hey guys ,

I haven't blogged for ages I know but now all exams are done so I've got plenty of time in my hands woop !

Anyways everyone's now on this eyebrow hype and I can totally understand why you've got chiccas like cara delevingne showing off their amazebrows as I like to call them. No matter how thin or thick everyone seems to suddenly be obsessed like OBSESSSSSSSSSSSEEEEDDDD !!!

Here are a few I've seen ;






               Olsennnn twins #hot

OMD my list could go on forever but here is just a snip-it of the types of amazing eyebrows. Tips ;

1. Get a good eyebrow threader in and around your town 

2. if you're doing them alone have someone to tell you if they're good or not 

3. Get the length right not to short not too long 

4. Get inspiration from the internet ( its there for a reason girls ... )

5. Look after them ( don't grow a bush on your forehead )

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