What I Wore Today #2 x

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Evening all , I've been out and about ( not really ... ) today with my little cousins ( or should I say little madnesses ) and I decieded to take some pics of my outfit today.

Its a little different than the ones I normaly wear casualy but I really liked it ( even my mum did which is odd ... ) Here it is ( WARNING ; Its the equivalent to a whole album ... )

So this is my outfit , its a peacock themed maxi dress in a really nice  fuscia shade ( which I stole from my auntie .... She  got it on Ebay if you're wondering ) I linked it with a Love , Dance , party Crop top which I used to hate and to be honest it was just at the back of my wardrobe for like EVER !!! But I thought 'hey maybe this will work !' and it did , I brought the whole outfit together with a greenish bluey belt from Primark for I think 2.00GBP. Its really cute and brings the whole outfit together ...

Shoe wise I wore beige studded slipper shoes ( also Primark 6.00GBP woohoo) for more of a summerish day look but to make it more of an evening look I added my loved leather jacket ( which every british girl should own ) and black heels .

NiCe eh ?

My glam assistant which goes by the name Sinead helped with my make - up and photography *round of applause* which I love her for woo hoo ... Heres my eye make up !

I love the colours and how bold they are ( kind of like me ) but you cant really capture that in a photo really *cries*. She also did this lip colour which is from Rimmel London in Lovesick which is really moisturising which a girl needs (daily !!!)


Here are just a few more pics for you mwah ;

                                                              She cray ......


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