Quick Post Of The WeeeeeeK !!!

Monday, April 01, 2013

I know I just did a post but because of I have'nt posted in a while *slaps hand* I thought hey why not do a Quick Post Of The week ... Which this weeks one comes from an amazing brand called ...

I've posted some of their clothes or should I say creations before but today as you do I was looking for some sunglasses and came across these beautys'

These !!! WOW !!! For ones who watched The Voice last night ( OMD it was sooo good , if you did'nt look at it on iPlayer it was that good !!! ) These glasses are chic and kind of futuristic ( maybe its coming from the movie THE HOST , which I also recommend ...  ) but I can get if you dont like the white thats why they also have a sleek black that looks really snazzzzyyy !

Link =


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