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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On a previous post I included a brand or if you like label called Lipstick Boutique . Its an online boutique and has '' Celebrity Fashion For Women '' which I think is a nice concept for a boutique however in the fashion business I think its nice to stand out and be who YOU are like my girl Jessie j says ahahaha . Anyway the celebrities include Amy Childs , Lauren Pope all are TOWIE girls so great for all you die hard Essex girls out there .

Amy Childs ;

I really like Amy Childs she's your typical Essex chick , she's the whole package per se . She has that slight elegance to her but yet that va va voom of an Essex girl , her line consists of Lace body cons to shift dresses many of which I love . Here are my favourites ;

 This dress is a twist to the classical LBD which I really like its like the modern take to Chanel's original which is original . I love that its not short its just the right length plus the sleeves are 3/4 length which I don't get to see much anymore a shame really. It's going for a stable 65.00GBP which is good considering its from a boutique .

Link = click here

This drss is a v neck with a waist lace embroidery which gives it some sassyness to it which I like , it takes a turn from  the normal skin tight body con . Plus its not revealing , its price - 75.00GPB

Link = click here

Jessica Wright

I really like Jessica Wright , she's totally herself and she has an edge to her fashionably and musically . She's a natrual beauty and her figure is just wow ... These are my fav's from her collection ;

Monochrome aaaaahhhhh !!!!!!!! My addiction is stripes Wright now ( see what I did there lol ) , I love the way the stripes are going , they're going diagnoly which is totally cool and different from the vertical and horizontal stripes , a diffrent take and a good one I'd say .
Its going for a cheap 55.00GBP which is great I think and its a great length and the neck line does'nt reveal anything ! Perfect eh ?

Link = click here

psssst ; if you liked the monochrome dress she has four other monochrome creations too !

This dress is smokin' hot just wow ...
It elongates you're figure and the white and the black are just so simple you could practically have any coloured accesories with this PLUS its 60.00GBP , I know amazing

Link - click here

I hope you guys love the collections as much as I do , tell me what you think too x


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