Manic Monday ...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hi guys ,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while , according to my traffic sources we have some newbies to BoMbArDeD sTyLe so welcome *claps* !!!

Anyway I haven't really managed to fit in a post really cause my German exchange is here so I've been busy showing her the greatness of London and the surrounding areas . She's really nice her English is great too but most importantly she loves the British fashion style and how it differs to the Germans. WooHoo !!!!

Moving on , whilst I was showing her around London we went shopping ( as you do ) in H&M which are currently having this Massive sale on some spring items , being me I went MADDDDD  and got ... ;

Ombre style trousers 7.00GBP

In a past post  I did all about ombre I fell in love with everything ombre , so obvs when I saw this I was just like running to them !!! They're different and considering the price they are a yes yes yes automatic 10/10 don't you think ???

I hope you guys have a great start to the week , and enjoy the start of the british sunhshine ( if you're getting any that is )

                  Be BEAU . Be YOU

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