Immm a teeeen woohoo !!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hey guys ,

Sorry I have'nt posted in a while its been a crazy easter break and have'nt really been able to sit down and post so for tthat im soooo sorry !!!!
Anyway on 4th of this month , I finally became a teen *jumps around* Im like soooooo happy its beyond belief .

For my birthday I wanted to do something different so I took my mum ( cause im  nice ) my friends to this really relaxing spa in the Mecure hotel ( one that I recommend to everyone ). I did'nt really fee like having a party cause the cleaning up and da da da is just tooo much to handle for one day , plus if you come from Kenya ( or anywhere in Africa for that matter ) parties dont just go on for a day they go on and on and on !!! Can't complain though ...

So , more new stuff (since we have lots of catching up ) I had my hair done thank the Lord it was a mess . Here's how it kinda looks like ( I'll do a post soon ) ;

My hair is like this but without the streaks and stuff , its soooo nice im actually in love ...

I went out to Uxbridge today and visited their shopping centre 'The Chimes' with basically my other family (my friends mum and sister are practicaly my mum and sister i.e Sinead the girl who did my make - up ) it was really good I came home with a lot and Ive just seen I bought quite a bit of blues dont ask me why , cause I dont even know -_-

I will do a post to show you them though ...

Lots of Love

                       Be BEAU . Be YOU

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