Happy Easter Beaus *

Monday, April 01, 2013

So I have'nt really been able to post for the past few days my apologises to all of you faithful ones *mwah*. Wishing you all a happy fashionable easter too ... ( I bet you're still scoffing on the chocolate filled beautys as you read loool )

I've decided to go with a chocolate theme look for you to try during your easter filled week x

These Jeans represent the typical chocolate egg , I personally love the colour because its so neutral and you dont really see many people in brown tones these days ....

BooHoo Skinny belted Jeans 20.00GBP

 NEXT .....      

Reclaimed Loose Knit Top 11.00GBP

OH MY DAYS !!! This top is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G its sooo unique , there's three different colours ( I love them all ) I choose the pink because it would look really NICE with the brown . Just wear some black or white vest ( does'nt matter the place ) inside and in the summer maybe a neon bikini underneath for a chilled beach look (obvs without the jeans ...) 


Cand Pink Suede heels 9.99GBP

I love the shade of these shoes and an added bonus they're on sale from 27.00GBP OMD !!! The heel looks really comfy and plus the shade of them reminded me of the pink mini eggs ahahaha...
So maybe try something new this week does'nt need to be about fashion maybe food wise or even socialy try something new , I think that's my target for the week , whats yours ?

                Be BEAU . Be YOU

p.s only 9 days left to vote , so keep on voting !!! I know a few of you have DM'ed me on twitter about the confusion , so I linked the nomination pic on my post named 'COMPANY NOMINATION' to the actual voting page , go down ( when you're on the page ... ) click the get nominating quote ( in blue ) and follow the steps from there ... I hope that has helped the majority of you that got confused ahaha x

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