What Did I Wear Todayy !? #1

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today I was out and about London really tired but yet my feet feel amazing even though I was in wedgess .... Anyway so yeah I was around LONDON TOWN !!! Yeah baby ! I decided to go with a really neutral pallete today , so I was beige , browns , greys and my skinnies are black but infused colour with my purple and green headband ( I know , madness but once you see it .... )

Kinda just lazily put this together but in actual fact it looks really nice !!! The colours blend the hairband work totally too which I didnt really expect but hey I never really know ... Clothes are an experiment so heres my experiment today ;

                                                             scarf - ebay - 5.99

shoes - primark 12.99
socks - 2.99 ebay

Decided to be doing my ' What Did I Wear Today !? # ' as something you guys can see me wear daily
as well as adding something new to bombardedstyle . So im going to be BOMBARDING your days with
 my daily style !!!

Here are the exact jeans I was wearing today

I got by belt at some carboot years ago so Ive been trying to find something in the same colour but maybe a tad bit better than the one I wore , here it is ;

I hope you enjoyed reading my #1 WHAT DID I WEAR TODAY !?


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