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Wednesday, March 06, 2013



RED HOT TREND ALERT !!! OMG have you seen how big ombre's becoming i was (and still am ) in town and ive counted at least 25 people with ombre hair or as some will call it 'dip dyed'. But as we fashionistas all know fahsion spreads quick so the ombre trend has hit clothes, nails, hair you name it ombres hit it ! I must admit I have gone CRAZY over ombre*squeals* and I believe that this time next week most people will have bought or had something ombre i know I will !

Ombre is quiet safe depending on the type of girl you are so if you wnat to be bold maybe go for the ombre hair which looks pretty darn good if you can pull it off ( which I know you girls can ) or if you want a little bit more of a subtle look maybe go for the ombre nails , they're cute but sexy depending on how you see it or do it.

Now ombre clothes , well they're A-M-A-Z-I-N-G of course i'll be giving ombre skirts and tops a go . Some people told me ombre tops remind them of the tie die look but i totally disagree ombre is a total different thing , but thats what i think dont know about you ...

Here are some Ombre looks for you mwah x




                                               be BEAU . be YOU

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