Lets Go Crazy Baby !!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

oh my days check it only 24.99
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 Hiya girlies

check out this amazing neon rainbow dress !!! It totes = beauty dont you think , imagine walking into work or in my case school in this ; totally brighten eveyones face up ! Since its looking a tad bit chilly outside ( hope to God it becomes warm ) this dress will flatter you in all the right places and yet put a smile on anyones face you see , to be honest i smiled just looking at the model , it totally changed my mood !

So today Ive chosen to do a happy smiley look that will suit most body shapes and will fall into most average peoples outfit budgets ;

smile springs around the corner ;)

                                                                      wear with;

spike beanie


so as you can see Im really in a happy joyful mood and to match my mood heres my second fab outfit ;

orange printed 3/4 sleeve bodycon

  Be BEAU . Be YOU   

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