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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OMD im on a Daisystreet wave !!! Have you seen there clothes , like wow !!! Im sure you've seen me feature them in past posts and now im like attached its beyond belief ..

So today I just thought hey why not just do a whole post on my love for Daisystreet ahaha ...

Lets go section by section and I'll reveal which particular items I adore the most ...


these are amazing tan leather wedges which are only 15.99 as they're on sale at the moment . They're really cute and add an edge to any outfit , they also look comfy but thats only through the screen

Next up is these suede chain front slipper shoes , which are beautiful ! I just love the colour and the look and plus they look really expensive when in actual fact they're only 14.99 !!! I know BARGAIN !!! WOW !!! I really like the goldness because its not just on the outside but also inside which I think adds a little glam to the shoe


Now we move onto clothes !!! I love their clothes I think they allow you to express yourself as my boy Labrinth says !

heres my fav's ;

This dress is amazing , the print , the length EVERYTHING ! I know you probably think im mad but I'd link this dress with a yellow skinny belt or a massive belt . However that a bit bold so if you want the subtle look go for a pale pink .
link = http://www.daisystreet.co.uk/zoe-ombre-aztec-midi-dress-in-blue

This kimono is so cute , elegant yet its really simple . What I love about it its not just any kimono its a peplum too !!! I wouldnt change anything in which the model is wearing i love it just the way it is but maybe some orange pumps might do the trick :)


Next on the daisystreet list is accessories!!! Lets take a look eh ? ;

Snapback !!! I love snapbacks and this one just made my jaw drop completly the studs , the colors make you go DAMN ... Its different from the rest you see and I have'nt seen anyone wear this one before so try it !

This bag is beautiful . I love Envelope Clutch bags they are bang on trend and they're different , plus this clutch has a chain so its really a 2 in 1 and only 15.99 which I think is really cheap considering I've seen some for like 50.00 so this is CHEAP.

So ladies thats my fav's if i could just put the whole website on I would but I just selected the ones that look BOOM !!!


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