DuNgArEeS WaVe !!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

dungareeeeeesss are back !!!!Cannot believe how much I used to hate them when my mum dressed me in them when i was like 4 loool ! But suprisingly I think theyre back to show us how much they really can do. Even my little cousin is currently rocking this trend even before I am *shake my head* however some people I've seen or spoken to about it say it reminds them of like the farmers and that kind of thing but to be completly honest I see where they are coming from but I still think Dungarees are AMAZING !

Not only are they kind of ( in a sense ) old looking but they also bring a kind of denim feel back , cause you know them people that say denim - on - denim is a fashion crime I totally disagree with any remarks like that. I honestly think that denim - on - denim should be like the next hot trend because I think there are no fashion crimes out there , its just a matter of opinion ....

So basically here are some pics for you of how some celebs are rocking this S/S '13 trend ;

                                                         ALEXA CHUNG


so heres probably what your thing " damn those dungarees are smokin' " yes , yes they truly are ladies so Ive created a list of how you can also look fab in dungarees :)

RI £30.00

Missguided.co.uk £33.99

Motel Demi Dungarees In Paisley Print   (asos.com)

Be Beau . Be YOU

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