BOOM !!! BANG !!! RED !!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

zara shift dress 49.99

Okay , I was in town yesterday to take my auntie to get her eyebrows threaded and I popped into Zara ( of which I havent since like 2 years ago ) and wow the clothes !!! When I saw this dress I was like Bang ... BOOM  !!!

I really love shift dresses I think they're a timeless classic ! Anyway this one is cute but I think you can really make it rock & roll with maybe a leather jacket which you can get from TOPSHOP  J'adore them ! They maybe a tad pricey but trust me they're are worth it !!!

I personnally would link this dress with a similar shad of red or cream or if you're really up for it GOLD !

here are the beauts ... ;

Chealsea Boot 24.99 (sale price )
daisystreet x

It all depends on you though so I personally would wear these boots cause of the heel as well as the look ...

Up to you though beau's xx

                        Be beau . Be YOU x

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