Project double m ( METALLIC MAD )

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Metallic crazy . Oh my days you gus have you seen the metallic shine trend , its OUT OF THIS wOrLd!!!!!
It had hiy all and when I say all I mean ALL catwalks at london fashion week if you were seated at the Frow you would have needed sunglasses , it would have looked like a meteor had hit !!! heres what I mean;

So since pay day for you workers is just around the corner ( 11 days ... ) maybe you can spice up your wardrobe with one of the latest , hottest trend .... HERES HOW ;

only 13.99

only 10.00
only 30.00


So girlies as you can see boohoo and probably all online department stores all have fantastic values that wont burst your purse . Maybe this weel you might start small and by easter you'll be a metallic star !!!!


                          Be BEAU . Be YOU

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