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Saturday, March 23, 2013

So its now like 11:15pm and im currently blogging , not even tired but hey ho . So ive come to the realisation that probably none of you have seen my face or even now me as a person and I personally think thats really important as a blogger for my readers to know who I am , what type of person I am etc . For all you guys know I could be like some 99 year old with amzing typing skills and awesome test loooool .

So lets begin our journey of 2012-2013 ;

culture night #1 on the 'catwalk' blue maxi

similar ....

missguided 38.99

this is me at my church culture night which is the night we hold to celebrate
different cultures ( kenya woo hoo ) heres similar earrings couldnt find the
actual ones as they came from a kenyan market ...

kinda similar ...
8.50 (topshop)

So this was my black & white photoshoot for my room and blog which I
never really put up so yeah here it is . Also here are some studs if you want
a similar look ;

sweet and cute 15mm claire's 4.00GBP

Furthermore .... here is just a random Instagram pic ( @tiffanyshiz ) that I pulled out cause you know
I love my leather jacket and scarf , so here is a similar


I really hope thats helped you know more about moi !!! Love ya xxx

                                                          Be BEAU . Be YOU

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