J.W Anderson's s/s '13 collection TOPSHOP

Saturday, February 23, 2013

So I've been online on the TOPSHOP site and I came across the new J.W collection .

My thoughtsss

Well personally from what I've seen its top notch its different not took out there (if you get what I mean ) and it has that cute kinda sweet look going on . I've also noticed the collection has a series of knitted wear which from what I'm seeing in England is going to be needed A$AP (snows back ) the prints on the skirts a re different and interesting to look at this is what made me personally like the collection I'd rate it 8.5/10 just because it has not that much colour but the collection its self is unique in its own terms which I admire in designers ....

So , have a look email me what you think too I'm interested in what you guys think too

 Link to the collection ; Click here.  ------->  top shop <------

Love T x

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