Graffiti Madnesssssssss

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Okay i'm guessing you just looked at the title and be like 'GIRL YOU CRAY CRAY' but really Graffiti isss NICEEEEE !!!!! I've come across a few here and then but never really looked at them in depth , obviously I've seen graffiti around my area (bet you have too ) in fact there is TOO MUCH !!! But what I love about the fashion industry is that you can never know what to expect to see around . I didn't expect to see what I call nonsense into absolute Crazy > BOLD clothes 


Graffiti can interpreted in bad ways but in a way its art its flowwyyyyy Bold its a way some people speak , a way some people have 
a voice . I think graffiti is kinda like fashion , when I'm in my clothes i feel like myself and i bet that's how they feel too. Here's a GREATTT example of someone BOLD & BEAUTIFUL 

                  NICKI MINAJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres how you can get the Bold > Beautiful crazeeee 

          print graffiti dress £15.00

            I challenge you this week be bold with your fashion 
                              BE out there take chances 
            even if you get it wrong just say its your new 'ting 


                          Be BEAU . Be You

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